Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Eight at Guide Dogs

Week two starts anew.

Subtle changes are taking place. Those of us who are getting into the flow are REALLY getting into it...and those of us who aren't...AREN'T. Regimentation and discipline don't sit too well with some people and it's really starting to show. Today was, (to call things what they are)..."evaluation day" progress reports were traded between student and instructor. Some fared well...others....well let's just say they face tougher challenges. Instructors were not exempt from scrutiny either...In fact, the head instructor, who has ruffled more than one student's feathers, found himself convieniently absent due to "family emergency".

Otherwise the day was a smooth one...the new two-week students were introduced to their dogs. Some are here for their sixth time. The process that we underwent a scant week ago reinvigorates itself. One gets to talk to one's fellowes intimately in a setting like this...I suppose all schools and dormitories echo with the confidences of the individuals that pass through them. But here, it occcurs to me that this place is special. It's a healing place...

a place of love, found rather than love, lost.

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