Friday, February 12, 2010

Day Nineteen at Guide Dogs

The last day of training.

Today was taken up with the bare bones of iteneraries for going home. Some of us are leaving directly after ceremonies. Others like me, are leaving at dawn of the next day. Mostly, goodbyes ruled the day. It's been an experience learning to work with a guide dog in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I feel I can do it anywhere now. I've made a great frienship with not only a phonomenal dog but with a fellow classmate in my area, and I feel the future is bright. To think, less than two years ago I was afraid to leave my house due to my disability. A walk to the mailbox was a triumph. I found that my story was'nt new. I heard it over and over again, out of the mouths of people from 22 to 78 years old.

I learned a lot here, and not just about guide dogs.

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