Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Sixteen at Guide Dogs

...and the days dwindle down to a precious few.

This day was taken up with post kennel vetrinary care and the stipulations of agreement. For one thing, the dog ALWAYS remains the property of Guide Dogs for the Blind...for the rest of the their life. You can, of course register for ownership of the dog, but certain stipulations have to be met.

One also recieves annual visits for two years, so that a representative my observe the health and progress of the guide and answer or help with any challenges or concerns the owner may have. In fact, concerns about the health or guide worthiness of the dog are encouraged to be asked at any time and if urgent help is needed, it is dispatched.

But the kicker of the day is always guidework with Burgess, and today it was San Francisco's Embarcadero. I also recieved two reports from Burgess' puppy trainers, via the administration. The first, a fifteen year olg girl wrote her report fom the dog's point of view. She described what I'd already discovered...that Burgess was a friendly, laid-back, happy, loving dog, that when nervous or lonely, he chewed things, but I also learned new information.

The second girl, one year younger, described quite a more posh life...apparently, Burgess sunned his early days away running on the high-priced beaches of Malibu, swimming in the ocean and attending horse shows. I'm told he loooved horses.

Boy, is Burgess in store for a rude awakening.

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