Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day Seven at Guide Dogs

And on the seventh day we rested.

Sunday is a blissfully quiet day here at the campus. It started at 6 am, as usual...but after the initial session for doggie relief, Burgess and I went back to bed and slept in. There are no classes or lectures on this day. Brunch is a buffet and there are no assigned tables...people and dogs can sit wherever they want. The dogs are a little bit confused by the break in routine, but by mid-morning, even THEY get it.

I had the privilege to come across two of my fellow young guy, profoundly blind, strolling the grounds with his middle aged gentleman classmate, partially blind...the older man describing the surroundings of a lovely morning to the younger one.

Lunch is in a box for us....made to order, so that we can eat it whenever and wherever we like today. Later this afternoon the two-week re-training students will arrive and join us. This being visitor's day, some of us had friends and loved ones drop in to chat and meet the dogs. One of our group, an amiable older man, originally from Brooklyn, now living in San Francisco, brought his lovely young wife, who showed herself to be a confirmed dog nut. She wasn't satisfied until she took pictures of every dog in the place....several times. With the grand finale being a group shot of dogs, people and dogs.

More comrades.

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