Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Fifteen at Gude Dogs

It's winding up!

Today adressed itself to transitioning home. Seperate counseltations were done, student to instructor, about the practical aspects of how each dog will graft into the household or family. The gift shop opened today and some of us went a little crazy. We're all a little dog loony at this point.

I was informed that I will have a guest at graduation excercises. My dear friend Bobby, who I've know for over two decades, will be in attendance. The other highlight of my day was taking Burgess to Union Square. It's was a kick walking around with that big, beautiful animal. People consider you differently with a dog. Whereas with a cane, it's "Look at that poor blind man" with a dog it's, " Wow! look what the blind guy can do with that dog!"

I have to admit it has a certain style.

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