Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day Thirteen at Guide Dogs

Rain this morning and sun in the afternoon.

Saturday being the half-day, things get popping in the afternoon. I toddled off to the mall down the street and found a pub. Grown men need their relaxation and I found mine in a couple of boilermakers. But when I returned to feed Burgess, I found that others of my male compatriots preferred stronger medicine. Later about that.

Before Burgess' pm feeding I thought a little playtime was in order, so we made our way to the doggie paddock by the kennels. During a rousing game of fetch, I chanced to see Burgess' girlfriend, Tiki, and her master, a Brooklynite now living in San Francisco. We let the dogs play and they got into a heated game of tug of war. It was hilarious. The smaller faster, Tiki teased big Burgess...daring him to take the coveted rubber ring. When he finally did, he commanded it for a while and then put it down in front of his childhood dog is such a gentleman.

Upon returning, I ran into a friendly lady who described three of my male classmates to a tee, and asked where she might find them. She had a girlfriend with her. I ushered them right in.

The strong medicine I spoke of earlier.


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