Friday, February 5, 2010

Day Twelve at Guide Dogs

Not much to report today.

The weather was a complete turnaround from yesterday's downpour. Sunny, warm and clear. Even Burgess was back to his old self. Today's focus is the people I am training with. These folks are all diverse individuals from different walks of life, different ages, races, genders, countries, outlooks, values, and types of blindness or visual impairment.
But we all have laughed together, shared, supported each other and made it this far with our guide dogs. I've seen tough guys turn tender, and tender women turn tough. These folks are an amazement to me, as this is the largest collection of blind people I've ever had the opportunity to be around.

It's an experience that's bringing me back to myself, and making me feel not like the person I was before....but better.

God bless these people.

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