Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Three at Guide Dogs

I fell in love today...we were introduced at 11:30 this morning.

The object of my affection is named Burgess. He's bright pale yellow with carmel ears, light brown eyes and a pink polka-dot nose. The thing is, he's huge...he's at least 80 pounds, and stands 5' 10'' on his hind legs, with big feet and an enormous butt. He's extremely laid-back though. He does'nt lay...he sprawls...he yawns and stretches and takes up half the room...he shuffles his feet. He's like a like a big, blond, laconic, lumberjack. He can probably wear my clothes. He's waaaaay more than I expected, but he's as smart as a whip. He's more than a dog, he's a bodyguard. More like a big handsome boyfriend that people admire, but get the hell out of the way for. At least that's what they did when we went walking through downtown San Rafael, today.

He's the curiosity of the entire place...the dining room staff filed out at dinner, just to look at him. One woman said she'd worked here thirteen years, and NEVER in all that time had she seen a dog that big. Frankly, I think they just snuck-in two guys in a dog suit, on me.

It was'nt one of those high-romantic was more like a cordial handshake and a careful perusal. Everybody's friendly and all that, but hearts aren't bursting.

Drastic changes are going to have to be made on the homefront, but that's a worry for another day. Right now, I've got a rather large roomate to get to know.

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